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Gastronomy - a tool for better food

Gastronomy is being the art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food – the universal tool that transforms natural ingredients into meals for consumption. By viewing the potentials of gastronomy as key for change and making it a political tool for further action we can explore new ways to solve the critical challenges caused by the way we produce and consume food.

With gastronomy we seek to improve the quality of the food we buy and eat. We need changes in product innovation and consumer behavior in order to ensure better food for more people.

Gastronomy encompasses answers to the challenges faced by the food production, all the way from farm to fork.

  • Gastronomy can enable us to better understand our food – where it comes from, how it is made, its nutritional value.
  • Applying basic techniques of gastronomy can be a tool to ensure high levels of food safety.
  • By acknowledging gastronomy as a bearer of culture we can learn from our culinary diversity and essentially gain better understanding of each other.
  • Knowledge and values from gastronomy can essentially help us focus on lead the way when we explore how we can use resources rather than waste and thereby encourage optimally in order prevention of minimize food waste.


We believe that every person must be able to choose or cook their own food on the basis of sufficient knowledge of food, food safety, cultural diversity and not wasting food.