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Case competition

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Published 7. juli 2017

Top students from all over the world will get together to help enlighten how to unleash the full potential of gastronomy in the cities of the world to ensure Better Food for More People. In conjunction to the 2017 World Food Summit, a case competition will give the students a chance to shine. 

A three-day program provides a chance to build cross-cultural relationships. Students can bring their bright ideas on how to solve the challenges related to the urbanization and gastronomy and aspire to leave their mark on the policy of  tomorrow. 

The competition culminates at the Danish Parliament, Christiansborg, where the top four teams will present their idea at the final plenary of the World Food Summit 2017 and get feedback from a panel of judges including the Danish Minister of Environment and Food, Mr. Esben Lunde Larsen, as well as other policy makers, leading experts, and company CEOs. The case competition will ensure that new ideas are brought directly to political decision makers, industry leaders, research academia and gastronomic frontrunners.