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For the first time a Potluck dinner will be arranged in Copenhagen ahead of the international food summit World Food Summit 2017 – Better Food for More People. The dinner will be held Wednesday 23 of August from 6 pm - 9 pm.  

300 people will come to a potluck dinner each with a dish of their own and talk about food. What is it, how does it taste – what is the history behind? What are the ingredients – is the food local? All 300 participants will be seated at long tables and organised in smaller groups.

The aim is to present different food from all over the world and to raise a debate and discussion among the people about how to ensure that food still can be based on diversity and good commodities. This knowledge is essential to inspire the movement Better Food for More People so more people get inspired to use gastronomy as a tool for their everyday food and choices.

When you have the chance to meet other people though food there is a venue, where you become curious to the unknown - and in that context you will be open for new ideas and knowhow.  

One of the themes in the World Food Summit is focusing on Food Diversity. The dialog and ideas from the Potluck is supposed to fill in here. Some of the participants from the summit will participate in the Potluck dinner together with the Danish Minister for Environment and Food, Dr. Esben Lunde Larsen.   

The Potluck is organized by four partners: Send Flere Kryderier, Madkulturen, Trine Hahnemann and the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food.

The Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival, who do the practical arrangement, will facilitate the Potluck at Israels Plads in Copenhagen. Tickets to the event will soon be available at

The Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, Sara Pasquali,  +45 20 65 98 39 |