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Plenum program


Exploring challenges: Past year’s achievements as summed up in the Food Summit Charter 2016 will first be evaluated. Participants are then invited to share and discuss new and different measures centered on gastronomy as a key reflecting upon the four challenges

Setting targets: The session will be concluded by setting a joint target based on the suggested 2030 target.


Sharing best practices: Inspired by the presented challenges the second session will focus on sharing existing insights and best practices that can inspire new local and global actions. The presented cases and best practices will represent different approaches to the presented challenges giving concrete and actionable insights into how participants can use existing tools to achieve the set target.

Taking action: Inspired by the presented challenges, cases and best practices, participants are asked to identify new actions, which they can support and act upon in the coming year using knowledge, network or resources through local, regional or global partnerships – actions which can drive political, industry and civil commitment.