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Better Information

Where does our food come from, what does it contain and how can it be prepared? Good information is crucial in order to learn about food and what it takes to prepare good food.

In “The Big Kitchen” citizens are daily exposed to excessive amounts of food products and information about these. At the same time both are constantly developing due to new technologies, know-how and skills.

According to WHO childhood obesity is one of the most severe public health challenges of the 21st century, and the problem is particularly linked to urban settings. The challenge is also highlighted with the UN SDG #3 concerning promotion of healthy lives for all.

Through better information we want to equip the urban consumer with a food GPS. We know that when we communicate with children and young people, the adults will understand it too. Therefore the 2017 information session will focus on how we develop good information experiences among children and young people in order to give them better food and a healthy sense of food-orientation.

2030 TARGET:
50 % of young people actively use knowledge of nutrition in their choice of meal.

At the 2017 World Food Summit we will explore how linking better information and gastronomy can help children and young people make better food choices.

SESSION 1: Exploring challenges & setting targets

AUGUST 24, 1 PM – 4 PM


  • Which targets will motivate you to take action?


How do we ensure that more urban children know how to produce and cook food?  
How do we increase young urban people’s awareness of what they eat? 
How can gastronomy be a fundamental driver for better food habits among children and young people?

SESSION 2: Sharing best practices & taking action

AUGUST 25, 9 AM – 12 NOON


  • Which action can you take the coming year?
  • Which resources can you commit?

Moderator: Lone Ryg, CEO, Danish Food Cluster, Denmark

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Safer Food

How can we ensure safe food for all and what role can gastronomy and innovation play in achieving this? 

Food Diversity

How can gastronomy support culinary diversity while at the same time supporting and developing our food culture? 

Prevention of Food Waste

How can gastronomy contribute in achieving our common global goal: halve per-capita food waste at consumer level by 2030?