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The Movement ’Better Food for More People’ took off in 2016 in Copenhagen. The aim is to find new ways to engage everyone to take action in getting better food. Gastronomy as the tool to ensure that goal is unfolded in various ways and will be the driven factor in further initiatives.

In the following you can find inspiration to get involved:  

We have asked last year’s participants to provide great examples of initiatives that are working to ensure better food for the growing urban population. The examples are fortunately many. Below you can see some of the exciting initiatives that take place within the movement of better food for more people.

FOOD Talks

FOOD Talks 2017 
More than 50 of the speeches from the World Food Summit - Better Food for More People 2017 has been recorded on video as FOOD Talks 2017. All the FOOD Talks 2017 you can find here or at YouTube. 

FOOD Talks 2016
At the Summit 2016 a lot of knowledge and fascinating people gave wonderful speeches about how to ensure better food for more people. You can find FOOD Talks 2016 here:

There are a other exciting initiatives around the world which one way or the other take actions on the food agenda:  
World Economic Forum 

The Big Kitchen
- an animationfilm introducing Better Food for More People 

Denmark has shown that great cuisine and sustainable food production and consumption are not mutually exclusive. In Denmark, experience has shown that increasing knowledge of food ingredients and cooking skills can reduce obesity, food related illnesses, food waste, and the environmental footprint that the food industry has on our globe.