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The purpose of the World Food Summit - Roadmap to 2030 is to highlight the actions and change that is necessary towards achieving better food for more people.

See the Roadmap to 2030

The World Food Summit – Roadmap to 2030 points to four targets:

  • Better Information: By 2030 50% of individuals, workplaces, institutions, and businesses understand the power of choice architecture and next generation solutions and apply this in creating healthy eating behaviors. 

  • Safer Food: By 2030 50% reduction of illness caused by food due to knowledge of hygiene in the food chain.

  • Food Diversity: 50% of all people actively use knowledge of food diversity to guide their meal choices and food culture. 

  • Prevention of Food Waste: By 2030 50% reduction of food waste at consumer level.

With the aim of guarding the world’s natural resources, ensuring a healthier future and giving better food for more people, the World Food Summit – Roadmap to 2030 present’s recommendations to actions. The roadmap focusses on three pivotal stakeholders to push forward the agenda and create solutions towards 2030; political decision makers, businesses and gastronomy frontrunners.

The stakeholders are committed to promote the thrust of the World Food Summit - Roadmap to 2030. All stakeholders at the World Food Summit, acting individually and in collaboration, will strive to honor the goal of the World Food Summit – Roadmap to 2030.

To ensure an impact of the efforts the annual Summit is going to deliver highlights and outcomes. The roadmap is revised and updated annually with the current status on achieving the targets.