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Food Cities

As part of the World Food Summit, The City of Copenhagen has invited leading food cities and experts to discuss how gastronomy can be used to drive sustainable urban development. By 2030 over 5 billion people will be living in urban environments, causing a shift in the way we fundamentally live, work and eat. These changes call for a creative solution in supporting a more sustainable urban lifestyle. One such solution is gastronomy.

Gastronomy has the power to influence the way that food is produced and consumed in urban environments. By harnessing the creative mechanism of gastronomy, we can inspire more sustainable development for cities of the future. Additionally, through the creation of strong partnerships between cities and private food entrepreneurs, cities can establish essential drivers for the future development of food culture.

During the “Food Cities” sessions we will explore social, environmental and economic challenges, set targets and share innovative ways to utilize the power of gastronomy in creating stronger and healthier cities.

  • How can cities utalise gastronomy to ensure healthy and affordable food options for all urban Citizens?
  • How can we employ gastronomy to support a more sustainable food consumption within cities as well as close the link between urban food consumption and rural food production?
  • How can we apply gastronomy to drive urban development and local job creation?