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Themes at the World Food Summit – Better Food for More People 2018

The World Food is about getting governments, the private sector and civil society to re-think the food system, and act together to mobilize and empower the 7,6 billion individuals around the world to transform our common world.

This involves a holistic view at the role of food in society, culture, politics, environment, economics and art.

The World Food Summit aim to push forward solutions concerning sustainable food systems and healthy lives to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, by focusing on the following themes:

Better Information

How can information help urban citizens make better food choices and how can we initiate and scale solutions to reduce non-communicable diseases using better information?

Safer Food

How can we ensure safe food for all and what role can gastronomy and innovation play in achieving this? 

Food heritage

How can gastronomy support food diversity while at the same time supporting and developing our food culture? 

Prevention of Food Waste

How can we promote gastronomy values focusing on resources rather than waste and help consumers reduce food waste?

Gastronomy as a tool

The Summit is focusing especially on gastronomy  as a tool to provide critical leverage to enable us to better understand our food all the way from farm to fork.